Dump archive

This site is an archive of former file sharing website dump.bitcheese.net

Content of all files uploaded is the responsibility of their uploaders.

If any content violating the laws of Romania is found, please report it to us.

Why no uploads?

Summary: uploads are often too negative, and when they’re not, we still have better places for them.

Uploads on the Internet often are negative. Widespread Internet access gave some people confidence that they can upload whatever they want, even have fun. It’s bitter when that kind of people are around, it’s pointless to talk to them, so I just cut the files off (though not completely—you can still download theold files, right?)

People misuse it. Though often useful (pics of your workplace, saves, new ideas etc.), uploads may degrade into some illicit content, and that is definitely not what uploads are for. Which brings me right to the next point.

We have beter places for files. IPFS, BitTorrent, Dat, whatever—just use what you like. Come here to download the files already present and then go spread the word. After all, search engines became an entry gates to Internet and it doesn’t matter anymore if you upload your files here or elsewhere—your files still can be found.

And that’s all to it.

Adapted from this, distributed under CC BY-BC-SA 4.0